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Tuesday 29 November 2011


hi there, I'm Joe Sparrow and this is my new blog. you can still read the old one here although it's a bit difficult to navigate and full of shit (which is, coincidentally, why I finished it, in addition to the fact that pointlessly starting new things fills one with a false feeling of freshness and progression). I started torpor dust at the end of my first year of university when I realised that I was a terrible artist and the same welcome notion has struck me three and a half years later; after pausing briefly to admire this recurring motif in the big miserable fugue that is my life it occurs to me that I should probably try some actual self-improvement.

so, I hereby commit to posting, on this blog, at least one drawing a day for the rest of my life. to you who perhaps find this commitment lacking in realism, it's kind of a "50-states-project" thing... I don't really care, it's just an excuse to actually do something. I don't think the drawings will be particularly good. But by november 29th, 2012, there will be at least 365 posts on this blog. Good day.

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