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Sunday 25 December 2011


honestly this is more filler. i like the page composition but the drawings are quick and lazy as fuck. my eldest dog leo (a fawn pug) is about 12 years old and pretty much dying (although as with humans this is often a vague process which can deal with various lengths of time). His face is amazing to draw, particularly at rest... so much skin that just sort of rolls down over itself. I've done some drawings of him before but this year his age has really become apparent to me so I wanted to do some sketches of him that get the feeling of a physically (and probably mentally) failing animal.

I find dogs, particularly dogs as over-bred as pugs, pretty weird. i find it weird that these are animals bred and trained to be infantile throughout their entire lives to fulfil some kind of over-developed maternal instinct in their owners. I'd probably never buy a dog myself (or any other pet, really... maybe a particularly self-reliant cat). it's a weird responsibility to want to take on. but I can't help feeling sorry for the poor little guy.

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