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Wednesday 21 March 2012


Urist Copperbeard, dwarf cleric of Irori, my PC from a D&D game I'm currently engaged in. Clerics are mostly healers and spellcasters of some utility but little raw power. Urist is a little special in that he's a cleric of Irori, who is a deity of "enlightenment and self-perfection", which is generally taken to mean fitness of body and mind. As such he's sort of the patron of Monks (specifically those of the shaolin variety - unarmed badasses who can quite often fuck you up worse than a guy with a sword and shield), which actually means Urist is fairly capable whether armed with his customary cleric's mace or just kicking and punching. He's a level 2 cleric at the moment but I'm considering having him take his next level as a monk, which will spice up his character somewhat. Multi-classing like that is kind of a tradeoff, as obviously the more levels you spend in different classes the less you'll advance in a particular class to be able to experience the cool stuff at the top. Taking a single level in monk, however, will further enhance Urist's unarmed strike, granting him the aptly-named Flurry of Blows ability (oraoraoraoraoraoraoraora etc) and allow him to add his wisdom modifier (a handsome +4) to his AC when wearing no or light armour. This means he'll have to trade in his leather padding and shield but as they only add up to +5 anyway it's not even that much of a loss. The idea behind this rather neat monk trait is that you're really wise, and are able to use your high wisdom to predict your opponents moves and dodge them, DBZ-style, rather than relying on your shirt or your buckler to take the blow for you. Neat!

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