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Saturday 5 May 2012


ALso happy free comic book day. if any of you would like to know my favourite comic out of the ones I've drawn, it is on here (the one entitled "Science"). i dont know if it's objectively funny but every time i read it i laugh out loud.


  1. Hi, it's that guy from some posts ago that didn't make it further than a single consonant for a handle (and a sibilant, to boot). You don't know me, and I don't you either, but I like your dry humour. Judging by your work here and on the other blog you seem like a nice, intelligent guy who understands the painful condition of ridiculous horror we live in and is able to process that hurt and transform it into something of value. That's a great thing to do. Just thought I'd say it. Take care.

  2. "WHO did't make it.."
    Cruelty, thy name is grammar...

  3. I'm sort of laughing out loud because that second post made me look rather like an obsessive weirdo, and this one... well, it's already too late anyway haha

  4. no, not at all. thankyou for your kind words.