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Friday 6 July 2012


Happy birthday to my friend Jonathan!

This is a shockingly late birthday gift type thing which I was actualy supposed to make over a year ago, haha. I faffed around with it for ages but because I get easily embarrassed over my own work I couldn't get it right so I never finished it and never posted it. But, here we are!

Jonathan is a veteran of the Dance Dance Revolution series of games, which, when played at a high level, gravitates more from "dancing" to some sort of high-speed martial art. It still has some elegance to it and it's obviously pretty athletic. It takes some bullying to get him to do it nowadays, but the opportunity must not be passed should it arise.

He keeps a very well-written and entertaining blog over at where you can read about all manner of subjects, including (but by no means limited to) the intellectual thematic deconstructions of obscure videogames and several discussions of japanese cartoons made for children.

On a side note, I'm pleased with the way the animation looks. I've wanted to animate a sort of scamble thing for a while, and I feel like it looks pretty okay without the need for smears or doubles. Plus I've been doing a lot of animation in flash lately and my use of symbols and masks is waaayyyy better than it used to be.

Anyway. I think this was for Jonathan's 25th birthday last year? Or was he 24? Whichever it was, keep on truckin', bro.

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