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Thursday 6 September 2012


Dungeons & Drawings has a slight makeover today! I've recently started posting there again as a regular contributor so I fixed up some of the text and redid the logo. Really weird that we started that blog over two years ago now. I feel like I've improved a bit since then but I spaz about so much stylistically that I probably haven't focused on any one specific element of my art enough to improve it.

Although, that said, my first D&D illustrations - the Roc, Rast and Necronaut - are all actually lined manually with the bezier curve tool (not even in illustrator - I would actually manually draw the outline of each line) because I'm  a huge control freak and didn't trust myself to line things well drawing them by hand. I think I'm much better at that now. Plus the digital painterly style I've tried to use in today's illustration was completely alien to me a year or so ago so I feel good about that. I don't really know what I'm doing artistically overall but I do feel like I'm stumbling in a beneficial direction.

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