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Tuesday 16 October 2012


I can't really say I have a consistent method for making comics yet but here are some pages showing a sort of process. Right now I'm laying out text first (trying to do this as early as possible so it doesn't end up looking tacked-on), then I rough out all the art in B&W linework before blocking out colours and lastly adding details and adjustment layers.

In addition to this I did two drafts of the text in a word document beforehand, pretty much wrote it once and then rewrote it with quite a different story and tone. I've never done this before, but with the first story was floating around in my head for ages and it felt like it was trying to talk about too many unrelated things at once, so I wasn't really happy with it. When I wrote it down I still wasn't happy with it, but the process of writing it down (aided by a helpful lightbulb moment I had when I went out on an impromptu walk) sort of dislodged all the elements in my brain and I knew exactly what I wanted to change, so I just spent a few more days and rewrote it entirely. I have a hard time with character design so I end up spreading it uncomfortably across the whole thing (with OMNIPATHY #2 I finished designing the lead character as I was drawing it).

I think the process of colouring and detailing is laborious and a lot of my favourite artists favour something that looks more rough and ready, a bit more immediate. With OMNIPATHY #4 I'm gonna try something like that.

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