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Wednesday 16 October 2013


This blog was feeling lonely so i thought i'd post this here rather than on the tumblr. for the last couple of evenings i've been drawing girls. some with more reference, some less so. people seemed to really like the last drawing i posted on tumblr and this is kind of different which is basically the reason im holding off posting all of this over there.

i've never been good at drawing girls so i've practiced drawing them a lot in the last year or so. I feel like anatomically I'm getting there although obviously my whole approach to art is a bit bad so i dont know if i can really say that. inspiration-wise these are fuelled by Dave Cooper and Chris Sanders' work - both pretty cheesecakey artists but they sorta celebrate some elements of female body types that i think are underrepresented. I think my favourite here is the girl on the left considering didn't really reference the pose as a whole, although I also really like the running girl. Trying to use weird hairstyles to see how far i can push it before they just look like dudes. also i like weird/short hairstyles. keen for feedback on whether these are weird/shit.

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