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Monday 23 April 2012


More comic stuff. the subject area of "faces" really shouldn't be something for a comic book artist (even an illustrator) to be scared of. I get why I hate drawing faces. They're these complex series of patterns we're wired to spend all day recognising. people deal with them in different ways. for me, it's something like this awkwardly impossible balance between getting something approaching anatomical consistency and getting a face capable of expressing a range of emotions. I hate samefacery and i think less of artists that give in to it too obviously. but then I look at these people like that person who draws Lackadaisy and those enormous model sheets of expressions and I think even people who are "good" at drawing faces still have just like a stock catalogue of symbols in their brain that they shake up and vary heirarchically. so I guess that's what I should aim for. the more i draw the more it feels like every problem I have with drawing could be solved by more drawing (which is an unpleasant thought because if i drew more as a child and didn't chicken out all the time I'd be fucking amazing by now). etcetera etcetera.

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