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Monday 6 August 2012


Wendell, the assassin/witch character I'm trying to build as a backup for my current Pathfinder character. I posted an attempt at a design for him the other day but I didn't like it, so I took it down. Did you miss it!? well too bad. My aims for this character are : to design a "tribal" shaman-ish character that doesn't look generic and to try to draw some more interesting headshapes than I usually do. I like the above drawing. I'm a bad artist so when i design characters i just draw like 50 heads and 49 of them look terrible, the 50th looks okay and then I spend the following week trying to recreate the magical thing that I like about it without it looking forced like a retard drew it.

Oh! And I am back doing weekly drawings for Dungeons & Drawings, the blog run by by partner, to celebrate its two-year anniversary. We're drawing gods from the D&D pantheons. Come by! I drew Boccob!

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