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Wednesday 13 March 2013


i watched Daria maybe once or twice when i was a kid and I honestly can't remember it grabbing me much outside of the music being the kind I liked. I ended up watching the whole thing online a couple of years ago though and it's a really good show - it's a case of you getting more and more attached to these (genuinely quite well written) characters as time and the series goes on. It's possible to write off Daria as a walking eye-roll punchline (Jake says something stupid - Daria snipes him with a sarcastic retort - Jake thinks she's being serious - cue Daria eye-roll - end scene - repeat). But, again, you stick with the series and you see her deal believably with a lot of genuine problems (including her own straight-up misanthropy) not in an ideal way but in a way that gives hope that she'll be happier in the future. Her visual design is also really nice if you can get over the slightly basic, dollish look of the people (especially the girls) - she's got a really nice, specific shape and colour scheme. Did I mention the music?! Yeah, if you grew up in the 90s it's a treat (although it's been speculated that the music licensing issues is probably what's held the show back from any sort of organised DVD release).

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  1. I loved Daria as a teen. Such a good show. I feel it has inspired my way of drawing comics...if not subconsciously. I have a newish comic blog out now, but its all in Norwegian. soooorrrry, Joe! You can have a look anyway if you like :)